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Mediation Services


Mediation offers a different kind of opportunity to solve problems between people, without the stress and expense of going to court.  In a relaxed, informal atmosphere, a mediator brings adversaries together and guides them through a process designed to produce an outcome that satisfies everyone.

The mediator makes sure that each person fully explains his or her situation and is heard and understood.  Without judging or telling people what to do, the mediator helps them to figure out for themselves the best possible agreements that will end the fighting.

Even very upset and angry people have found that mediation can resolve their conflicts and bring peace back into their lives.

Mediation Helps in All Kinds of Conflicts


  • People settle their differences at work, at school, or in the neighborhood
  • Youthful offenders and victims find reconciliation outside of court, through a process of recognizing the injustice, taking responsibility, and agreeing on ways to make things right

Marriage and Family

  • Couples make agreements that will improve married life or dissolve the marriage peacefully so their children will not suffer
  • Seniors resolve problems with adult children or caregivers
  • Parents and teenagers or members of blended families negotiate solutions to conflicts

Advantages of Mediation

  • Safe and Secure: you can feel comfortable expressing your thoughts and feelings
  • Private: confidentiality is protected by law
  • Voluntary: you choose to participate as long as you feel it's helpful
  • Time Saving: resolution usually takes only one or two two-hour sessions
  • Money Saving: SCMC requests donations but offers free services to anyone unable to donate
  • Effective: agreements that people create for themselves are more likely to be followed


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